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Parish Ministries Contact Info

Sacred Heart is an extremely active community with a diverse group of organizations as listed below. If you are interested in joining or would like more information about an organization, please contact the rectory at contact@sh-roslindale.org or call 617-325-3322. A staff person will put you in touch with someone to explain the organization in detail and to provide you with a deeper understanding of its goals.


Please note that an asterisk (*) indicates that there is both an Engish and a Spanish organization.

 Organization Name  Contact Person  Email
   Thursday evenings 6:30pm-8:30pm
   lower church
 Kathy Sherrod  kathymsherrod@sh-roslindale.org
 Altar Guild    
 Altar Servers* (Adults)  Kathy Sherrod  kathymsherrod@sh-roslindale.org
 Altar Servers (Youth)    
 Baptism Gown Preparation    
 Basketball - September through March    
 Bible Study (Spanish)    
 Boy Scout Troop 7
  Tuesdays 7pm-8:pm
 Kevin O'Leary  koleary70@hotmail.com
 Catholic Relief Services  Mary Celeste Brown  brown@sophiasnowplace.org
 Choir (English)
   Wednesday 7:30pm-9pm, upper church
 Amanda Sindel-Keswick  a.sindel.keswick@gmail.com
 Choir (Spanish)
   Friday 7pm-8:45pm, rectory library
 Lucy Torrejon
 Alfredo Torrejon
 Choir (Youth)
   Mondays 6pm-7pm, upper church
 Christian Couples Group (Spanish)
   3rd Friday of the month, 7pm-9:30pm
   St. Theresa House
 Coffee (English)
   Sundays after the 10am Mass,
   St. Theresa House
 Peter Buck  pbuck@equalexchange.coop
 Coffee (Spanish)
   Sundays, 1:30pm, Murray Room
 Eucharistic Ministers* (Eng)  Kathy Sherrod  kathymsherrod@sh-roslindale.org
 Eucharistic Ministers (Homebound Eng.)  Kathy Sherrod  kathymsherrod@sh-roslindale.org
 Finance & Development Committee    
 Ghana Catholic Society
   1st Saturday of the month, 5:30pm-8:30pm
   Murray Room
 Golf Tournament  Bob Lepore  bob716@aol.com
 Haitian Prayer Group
   Fridays 7pm-10pm, lower church
 Health Ministry  Caitlin Erwin  cerwin87@msn.com
 Hospitality Committee (Spanish)    
 Latino Youth Group (SHEMA)  Kyhara Martinez   kyhara.martinez@gmail.com
 Lectors - English  Pat Coakley  patcoakley6@gmail.com
 Lectors - Spanish    
 Parish Census    
 Pastoral Council  Fr. Kelley  FrKelley@sh-roslindale.org
 Prayer Group (Spanish)
   Tuesdays 7pm-9:30pm, lower church
 Prayer Group (Spanish) Choir
   Monday's 6:45pm-8:45pm, Murray Room
 Pre Cana  Jane Baronas  baronas@verizon.net
 Project Cookie Dough    
 Protecting God's Children*  Mary-Celeste Brown  brown@sophiasnowplace.org
 Religious Education CCD* English    
 Religious Education CCD* Spanish   Ana Gladys Amaya  agamaya3@gmail.com
 Religious Education Confirmation    
 Religious Education RCIA*  Darlene Webb  darlenewebb4@msn.com
 Roslindale House
   4th Friday of the month, 1pm-1:30pm
 Roslindale Leaders' Meeting
   2nd Thursday of the month, 9am,
   Council Room
 Fr. Kelley  FrKelley@sh-roslindale.org
 Sacred Heart International  Rob Grady  robgrady3@gmail.com
 Saint Vincent De Paul  Mary Celeste Brown  brown@sophiasnowplace.org
 Small Gatherings    
  3rd Tuesday of the month, 10:15am,
  lower church
 Spanish Marriage Ministry  Elizabeth Santana  financeplus@msn.com
 Sursum Corda    
 Tithe & Money Counters  Kathy Sherrod  kathymsherrod@sh-roslindale.org
 Welcomers*  Kathy Sherrod  kathymsherrod@sh-roslindale.org
 Young N Catholic  Adaora Nwachukwu  youngandcatholicbos@gmail.com



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