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125th Anniversary


Sacred Heart Roslindale Celebrates 125 Years

Our Sacred Heart Parish was established in 1893. That means we are 125 years old this year. This is a time to look back and remember the people who built Sacred Heart and the legacy this parish has created in our community. It is also a time to look forward and ask ourselves what we want our parish to be and do in the future and what we can do to help this future come to be.

Over the next year, there will be many occasions to celebrate Sacred Heart Parish, to strengthen our fellowship, to build our spirituality, and to contribute to the future of this faith community. We will have opportunities to strengthen our bonds with each other, to support our neighbors in Roslindale and beyond, and to enrich our faith. Watch the bulletin and the Sacred Heart website for announcements of events, projects, and services. And make plans to participate in our celebration!

And Now, the Quiz. . .

For the past year we’ve been remembering Sacred Heart’s anniversary with a look back in the bulletin each week at its 125 years of history. Now it’s time for the quiz.

But, never fear—it’s an open book quiz. If, by chance, you haven’t saved all your bulletins for the past year, don’t worry. You can log in to the Sacred Heart website at https://www.sh-roslindale.org and click on the red button “Sacred Heart Parish Celebrates 125 Years” in the right-hand column to see all the posts from the past year. The answers are at your finger tips!

1) The first Mass in Sacred Heart’s new church was celebrated on
A) Christmas
B) Easter
C) The Feast of the Sacred Heart

2) Over its 125-year history, how many pastors has Sacred Heart Parish had?
A) 12
B) 10
C) 17

3) Father Cummins, the founding pastor, asked to be buried
A) at his brother’s home in New Hampshire
B) in Mount Calvary Cemetery where he served as chaplain
C) under the statue of the Sacred Heart on the rectory lawn
D) none of the above

4) St. Theresa House has served as
A) a rental property
B) a home for the Little Missionaries of the Eucharist
C) a parish meeting place
D) all of the above

5) In his search for a solution to overcrowding in the school, Monsignor Murray explored the idea of taking over which under-used Boston Public School
A) Washington Irving
B) George Conley
C) H.W. Longfellow
D) none of the above

6) In the 1970s, the Italian Society’s spiritual director for a time was a native speaker of
A) Italian
B) English
C) Gaelic

7) A Boston mayor who participated in Sacred Heart;’s Parish Show was
A) Thomas Menino
B) Martin Walsh
C) James Michael Curley
D) none of the above

8) Pastors at Sacred Heart have a record of serving the Boston community. At which of these organizations have they served?
A) Pine Street Inn
B) Boston Public Library
C) Boston Redevelopment Authority
D) all of the above

9) The first pastoral associate to serve at Sacred Heart was
A) Sister Virginia Bobrowski
B) John Scanlon
C) Sister Carol Ann Kane

10. Father Peter Ayorogo’s doctoral dissertation was about
A) a comparison of images from traditional African religions and Roman Catholicism
B) the notion of evil in African and European philosophy
C) the problem of translating liturgical texts for multilingual African parishes

Enjoy challenging yourself with this quick look back through time at our parish!

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